White Tights and White Leggings – Trend 2010

White Tights Trend
We love flaunting bronzed tanned legs, don’t we? In this search, hosiery can be a neat hindrance. However, if you get your in the right way, there is nothing that can keep you away from being a showstopper. Let’s take a look at what to follow in how to follow them.

How to wear white
While talking of white tights, we don’t have the imagery of white and tights with us only. They may be many other variations of white too. And they can be white or stockings just as well. The rules are laid out in an elementary way. Do not go for sheer stockings. An opaque one does far better.

White socks
You can go for knee high/over the knee socks just as well.

Styling thoughts for white tights

You might get on to be a sylvan, idyllic bohemian Veruschka with swirling furs from 70’s or perhaps Jean Shrimpton in an eye-popping mini-dress from 60’s. Pair white with nautical navy and red in vintage cuts. Just think of these two icons from gone-by ages and you will know the show for sure.
• They work best with daring, bright colors like yellow, emerald green, or purple.
• Sixties work best with mini-dresses; there is no substitute to it: much of the baby doll kind.
• Seventies’ gets on the toe with neutral tones and floral hues.

white tights vintage

Country chic
Get cozy with autumn’s yellow leaves or a smart recess in a country cabin or perhaps a sojourn through woods; you just never know!
• Creamy colors are pretty satisfying.
• Try out wool camouflages along with knits or herringbone.
• Works perfectly with beige, tans, browns and jungle green.
• Pair the tweeds and plaids together.

country chic

Snow queen
Getting any cooler can come with funny consequences.
• Works best with variegated hues like off-whites and cream
• Tights and cream belts work well in pairs. Soft white fur or a belted knit can be used for augmentation.
• For a more diverse look, go for outerwear in darker hues while holding on still to the neutral tones.
• Another style could be pastel tones much in line with dove grey and soft pink.

white tights

What color shoes can I wear?
White stockings can be great to look at if you combine them well with a pair of shoes. If you don’t have an all black and white in mind then a black shoe can look a lot on the heavier side. In case your outfit is of lighter hue, you can go for soft metallic, nude, light grey, and others. If you go for vintage inspired look then you can try various daring shades. Navy is a smart choice.

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